(Don't) Tell a Friend

As we showed in our Web 2.0 article , traditional 'Tell a friend' links from products or sites have only a 0.2% click through rate [Figure taken from 100 UK sites, Rank Me Report 2007]. This figure is so low that it doesn't justify the presence of such links, which have always proved popular with website owners.

These links are designed to capitalise on the one-to-one relationships the customer has with their friends and family, wheras far greater success has been shown by utilising the one-to-many relationships - the one or more degrees of separation that customers have with everyone they know.

They aren't of course going to send emails to all those people, but there are many tools that will have the same effect, such as on-site social tools -blogs, forums, rss feeds and reviews; and off site tools such as social networking sites, which we have covered in more detail here.

For those of you who are selling online and have the 'tell a friend' link - perhaps now is the time to think about how that space can be used more effectively. To talk it over, call us on 028 4483 8833 or use the contact form on site.

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