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Content management software allows you to take control of your website. From editing text and pictures to adding entire new sections to the site, creating databases, forms and more. It enables you to keep your website content right up to date. Libertas Solutions use our own U DO product to create and manage many client sites.

U DO Content ManagementU DO is designed with ease of use in mind. Our page editor contains standard formatting tools that will be familiar to users of most word processing applications. Create links to internal pages and external website quickly and easily. Add images, forms and tables into pages, and create image slideshows and video presentations wherever you need them.

In it's standard form, UDO offers the user the ability to create, edit and publish pages to a menu structure that they can control. More advanced content management features such as workflow, timed publishing and page versioning are available as additional modules.

Because the appearance of a U DO website is seperated from the content, it is possible to make sitewide changes by simply applying a new stylesheet. It is also possible to apply multiple stylesheets to areas of a website, thus creating mini-sites or themed areas.

To find out more about U DO, visit our dedicated website

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