Spam Filtering

Our spam filter software can zap all the spam coming to the email addresses on your domain at our server's side saving your staff the hassle of installing software on each machine.

Site usage statistics

Website analysis software solutions are included free along with your new web design. This is handy for tracing how visitors are finding you and giving you the ability to easily track the success of your newly developed web design.


We can provide personalised email accounts that include your domain name.

Web Hosting

Hosting is provided on our own dedicated hardware, based at Kilcarbery Park in Dublin. This state-of-the-industry site is one of the most advanced and secure facilities in Europe and is home to INEX, the Irish Neutral Internet Exchange, where all the ISPs in Ireland exchange traffic and through which every e-mail in Ireland passes.

Domain Names

The first step many people take when deciding to commission a website is to purchase a domain name. We are always happy to register domains for our clients, and you can register them from as little as 6 at our dedicated NI Domains registration website.

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