Web Design

We deliver attractive, content focused websites that are accessible, easy to use and that can grow with your business. We will help you:

  • Establish e-commerce
  • Communicate with customers
  • Take control of online content
  • Attract more visitors

We use a 5 step process to develop each website -

  1. Project definition - We will look at your industry, and work to identify and understand your audience. We can develop functional requirements, and create a project plan, prior to starting the project.

  2. Developing site structure - We address content, and map out the structure the site will take. Pages begin to take shape. We look at identifying how users will interact with the site structure.

  3. Designing the visual interface - Having reviewed the site goals, we can develop concepts, present initial designs and get feedback before reviewing the designs. Once approved we can create graphic templates and a style guide for the site.

  4. Build and integrate - We assess the status of the project, before deciding on a file structure. We then create the page templates from the graphic designs, populate pages and implement any scripting that is required. Finally we test the site, fix any bugs and conduct a final check.

  5. Launch and Beyond - At delivery we provide any training that is necessary, work to prepare for the launch by providing any technical details for marketing. We provide a comprehensive maintenance plan, and continue to work with you to measure the success of the site.

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